Dressing Up: New Year’s Eve

While most of the world is waking up with a sore head I, thankfully, am feeling better than I normally do on 1 January! The boyf and I went for dinner at Strada last night and then headed back to our flat for a glass of Cava and a bit of Jools Holland to see in the New Year!

I haven’t dressed up in ages and decided to use last night as the perfect excuse! It all starts with THE shoes!!! (I haven’t shown you these yet!!) My wonderful (!!) boyfriend bought me these GORGEOUS Carvela Mary Janes for Christmas!!!!!! (You might remember they were on my LUST LIST a while back?)

Are they not just the most DIVINE colour?! I LOVE them!

I started getting ready a few hours before we were due to leave (something I never normally do!). And, in line with my New Year’s (Style) Resolution #3 I tried an up-do! What do you think?

In case it’s not completely obvious, I basically took the top section and pinned it and then did two (one on each side) French plaits along the side of my head (not all that easy!) and then shoved the rest of my hair into a ponytail. Not too complicated but it’s a bit different!

This is my ‘dressed up’ make-up for the evening! Not sure if you can see, I used a shimmery purple No 7 pallette for my eyes to match the shoes, of course! And I even dared to use liquid eyeliner! The lipstick is my absolute favourite for when I go out and is a cheapy from Rimmel (I think it’s called Champagne something – perfect for NYE!).

And the outfit you ask? Well, you have to wait no longer! Here it is:

Do you remember the Dorothy Perkins outfit I put together a while ago? (Here, if you have forgotten) Well, this is the dress from it. I saw it on sale and just HAD to have it for NYE!! (At £15 HOW could I say no?!) I love the sparkly-ness and the big shoulders! I am also wearing the Carvela shoes, obviously, and a purple DP cocktail ring.

And, as the festive season is very nearly over and all the decorations have to come down in less than a week (next Tuesday, if anyone has forgotten), here is another photo of our tree – my pride and joy! The flat will look so bare without it. Sad.

Now I am off to read the Little Guide to Vintage Shopping that my sister bought me for Christmas study!

Happy New Year to everyone!

More soon. Love, SG


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3 Responses to Dressing Up: New Year’s Eve

  1. Retro Chick says:

    Happy New Year!You look amazing, those shoes are fab!

  2. Rachel says:

    I dressed up for a night in too 🙂 Lovely outfit and the shoes are to die for!I always wear my hair up and am experimenting with wearing it down for the New Year.

  3. Amy says:

    You look stunning – and I LOVE those shoes x

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