My 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

Every single blog I have read this last week has been about New Year’s Resolutions. I was starting to feel a little left out. So here are mine. I have split them into ‘life’ resolutions and ‘style’ resolutions. I have also written my 10 shopping Commandments for 2010 in my last weekly column for British Style Bloggers here.

My New Year’s (Life) Resolutions:

1. To be more organised!

2. To save more. Or just save at all.

3. To pass my driving test.

4. To be more spontaneous.

5. To add (at least) one more country to my list!

My New Year’s (Style/Shopping) Resolutions:

1. To shop less.

2. To wear more colour and less all black. (Check out Style on a String’s post about this and my post)

3. To learn to do a few up-dos, so that I don’t always wear my hair down.

4. To make sure my nail polish is always fresh, no more chips for me.

5. To learn to be more ruthless and not to hoard so much, so that my wardrobe and dressing table are not so over flowing all of the time.

Happy New Year folks. Love, SG

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4 Responses to My 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I love reading other people's resolutions, for some reason 🙂

  2. Tomorrow says:

    I love number 4! Spontanaety is the rule I live my life by! I do everything on impulse. I hate routine and order!You asked about my wall…Yes, I did do it myself and I add to it all the time. Its mostly print outs and magazine cuttings pasted onto this super cool wallpaper I saw in an interior design magazine with frames on!Hope you have a fabulous New Years eve tonight!Tomorrow

  3. -Megan xoxo says:

    Your resolutins have inspired me! I love your style/shopping resolutions(#2&4) i fell into the all black everything trend, & now i HATE it!lol check out my blog,, its a work in progress so tell me what you think!Hope you have a happy new year filled with love, peace, & happiness!=)

  4. Happy new year Emily, I definately have to save too!Rachelx

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