Grumpy old woman!

Apoligies my lovelies, I know I have abandoned you for too long.

Have gone to la parents for the Christmas period which is always a mixture of fun and stress. And more stress this year, as have no internet to keep me entertained!

Every year, memories of Christmases past always turn out to be very rose-tinted. I imagine them to have been perfectly easy and fun but every year the reality never quite lives up to the expectation! Very quickly I find myself wishing back in my own flat with my own things and my own rules.

I miss my wardrobe most. It is always such a pain living out of a suitcase. I manage it on holiday because, let’s face it, we would endure a lot to be on holiday, somewhere in the sun, or even in the cold! But when it is still in the UK (admittedly a different country!) I feel a little hard done by. This year I had to pack lighter than usual as there was no room in the car for my large suitcase as well as the two guitars, amp, computer and whatever other paraphernalia the boyf felt necessary for a short trip to his parents! Since the snow has fallen I am definitely regretting taking out all but three of my long sleeved t-shirts.

It’s not my casual wardrobe that suffers most when I come to la parents but my dressing up wardrobe. I never really feel like dressing up to go anywhere here and also never really have any idea what occasion may arise for which I might need to dress up. So I don’t bring much and then end up regretting my decision come Christmas Eve when the pub beckons.

Christmas Eve pub trips always stress me out. It is the one time of year – in my town, at least – that you can be guaranteed to bump into nearly everyone (you didn’t want to!); exes (boyfs and friends), those girls who were in the “cool” group at school, friends who you’ve lost touch with (probably for a reason!), etc. I always feel an immense pressure to look good and have a good story of where I am and how incredibly successful I am now, no matter what the truth. So this year I have managed to bring precisely nothing with me in my little suitcase which might be even nearly suitable for such a trip. I might have to raid my sister’s wardrobe – who, incidentally, does not have the hassle of having to come home for Christmas, as she only lives down the road.

Ok, rant over. Sorry. I feel like a grumpy old woman, or sound like one at any rate. Apologies. It was not intended, it just happened!

All shall be “merry and bright” from now on!


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