How to… Dress for work in the winter

Does anyone else have the same problem I do in winter, when dressing for work in the mornings? I walk to work and therefore need to be wrapped up warmly but often get quite warm whilst walking and then when I get to work, the office is often quite hot.

I have put together my top ten tips for dressing for work in the cold weather:

1. The most important item of clothing you will buy for winter is a warm coat. For work this should be smart (obviously!) and preferably knee length, I think. This length will work with trousers and skirts alike. Colour is also important, I think a camel, black or navy blue works best.

2. In my opinion, you can be more imaginative with your accessories, hat, gloves and scarf. Maybe try a nice bright colour that will make you feel better about heading out into the cold on those dark winter mornings. I am lusting after a fuschia pink scarf at the moment.

3. You don’t have to forget skirts or dresses just because it is winter. Go for a warmer material, maybe a wool mix suit skirt, with black opaque tights and classic knee-high boots.

4. Boots are key to a winter work wardrobe. A classic black leather knee-high boot with a small heel (2 and a half inches or less). They will pair perfectly with a skirt or dress and will also fit under trousers to add extra warmth when necessary.

5. If you do not want to wear boots to work every day, I tend to pull on a pair of comfy boots to walk to work in and change once at work into my heels.

6. Layers seem to be the obvious answer but for work wear I often find that they bulk me out and make me feel frumpy. If you find you need to layer up for extra warmth, try a thin thermal vest. M&S do some very pretty vests which do not look too old fashioned.

7. Keep a spare cardigan in the office. My office is usually very warm and I therefore often wear a dress with only a scarf and coat which is fine for my walk to work but when the temperature drops in the office later in the day, I find I need an extra layer.

8. Just because it is dark outside doesn’t mean that your clothes have to reflect this. The shops are filled with colourful winter clothing, use this to buoy your mood and that of others!

9. Arm warmers are very “of-the-moment”. If, like me, you wear a lot of three quarter length sleeves, these are the perfect solution for braving the cold outside the office. Leg warmers (which tend to be cheaper) work on your arms too!

10. Send me your tips for number ten and I’ll add the best one to this list!!

As ever, more soon. Love, SG


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