Girls in Tights

You all know by now of my obsession with legwear! I love tights. I love tights. I LOVE TIGHTS! They are – in my humble opinion – fashion’s gift to women! And yesterday the Telegraph’s fashion director, Hilary Alexander, was in agreement in her article Girls in Tights. According to Alexander,

“Tattoos, tartan, flowers, spots and dots, lace, ribbons, crystals, beading, embroidery, graphics… there is no end to the prints and embellishment available to decorate your legs this season.”

And look, Fearne Cotton, Diane Kruger and Jasmine Guinness are jumping on the wagon too!

I love the sheer dotty tights, although I think I’ll be sticking my M&S £5 ones rather than the Wolford ‘Hot Dots’, for £27, or sequin version, ‘Loella’, at £64 in the article.

Again – to recap – tights are a God-send, I swear! Not only do they slim legs and keep you warm – particularly important on cold winter nights out (now I sound like my mother!) – but they are also a fabulous style accessory which can make any LBD party perfect.

Tell me about your tights of choice for the party season!


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