Style Challenge

My friend – Hannah – has two wardrobes bursting with clothes and yet rarely a week goes by when she doesn’t complain to me that she has “nothing to wear”! So I have volunteered to style her for a week. She’s going to tell me what her seven days will consist of and I will pick something appropriate out of her wardrobe. There’s only one rule: she must wear what I chose. No arguments or tantrums!

I would describe Hannah’s style as dressed up chic! She’s a heels girl who loves to take her time making sure her hair and make-up are just right. She always looks “done”; something I envy as there are many mornings where I am left with barely enough time to throw some mascara on and dash out of the door.

In this challenge I don’t want to do too much with Hannah’s style, my aim really is to demonstrate to her that she does have many lovely things to wear in her bulging wardrobe, to maybe help her to love some of the items that she never wears and to prove to her that her style does rock!

This afternoon I spent a few hours in her closet, so-to-speak. We had a lot of fun. It was like having a huge dressing up box as a child.

Below are some photos from our afternoon of styling.

Check back each day this week for photos of the outfits that I have put together. Although I have to say now, that Hannah did a good job herself when we were putting the outfits together.

More soon. Love, SG

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