I love lists. There is something about the implied order that comforts me.

For my mum, keeping lists is like a religion. For years I couldn’t see the point but that older I have got, the more I have begun to understand and am now a convert to the religion of list-making.

It is probably for this reason that an article in December’s Vogue caught my eye, entitled, “Vogue’s 30 ultimate fashion adventures”. Unsurprisingly, a number of these 30 “adventures” are now on my list of things “to do before I’m 30”!

Those that made it on to my list are:

1. Climb up the fire escape of a 30-storey Manhattan hotel in Gucci minidress and heels;

3. Don a Jean Paul Gaultier couture bustier and entertain at home;

7. Buy a bespoke bra at Alice Cadolle on rue Cambon, Paris;

17. Own a Chanel handbag;

20. Walk barefoot across Piazza San Marco at midnight with a full skirted silk Prada dress billowing around you;

21. Book a carriage on the Train Bleu from Paris to the South (as did Lagerfeld, Warhol, Coco Chanel and Jean Cocteau). Dine in silk pyjamas, and play the card game Onze until dawn;
22. Wear a Vivienne Westwood corset dress on the night bus;

24. Visit the Pantheon at dawn in a Vionnet gown;

27. Do a Linda crop and go peroxide – just once;
29. Revel in the drama of a Dior couture show in Paris;

30. Stroll souciantly down the boulevard Saint-Germain in a Burberry trench, Sabbia Rosa lingerie, bare legs and Manolo stilettos.

I’ll let you know when – or if – any get ticked off!
More soon. Love, SG

14. Be the inspiration for a dress;

16. Wear a tiara;

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