Why Should The Kids Have All The Fun?

I was shopping (for my mum!) in Gap the other day and noticed the postcards on the side advertising Stella McCartney’s upcoming collection for Gap Kids and Gap Baby. I was instantly hooked by the tutu that the little girl is wearing in the picture (see below).

I got to thinking, when did kids clothing get quite so stylish? I personally think it is unfair. I don’t remember clothes being anywhere near as stylish as Stella McCartney when I was little. In fact, my enduring memory of being dressed as a child is of navy. I don’t remember much of what I wore but I just remember a lot of navy. I think, however, it is a rite of passage to be dressed badly as a child and to be given the chance as a teenager and young adult to develop your own sense of style as you discover the world of fashion. What does the little girl dressed in the Stella McCartney tutu have to look forward to as they grow up?

And that brings me to another thing; who made the rule that it is perfectly ok for little girls to go around in a gorgeous dusky pink tutu but not for big girls (of 25!)?! I would get some seriously strange looks if I went out for a coffee with my girlfriends or to the shops with the boyf in a tutu but someone of, say, seven wouldn’t draw any attention! Jealous. Well, I have decided that my mission is to make acceptable the wearing of tutus by grown up girls. I just have to find a lovely one first.

More soon. Love, SG

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