How to… dress chic for a gig (revisited!)

The boyf and I are off to a gig in Bristol tonight. Before the boyf, I had been to concerts before but not really gigs. I would define concerts as those musical occasions where you are in an auditorium, sitting down and generally the audience in either under 15 or over 50!!! A gig is usually in a more relaxed venue with a bar close at hand and a sticky floor!! This is my experience, anyway. But everytime it always begs the question, what do I wear?

1. First things first: shoes. I’d recommend wearing a pair that you don’t mind a pint ending up all over, i.e. not your favourites. Converse usually work well I find. Or an old pair of pumps or even boots.

2. Wear: something you feel comfortable in. Jeans and a band tee always go down well. But again, as these venues tend to be pretty relaxed, you can go as dressed up or as dressed down as you fancy. A dress with tights and brogues or Converse can look just as good.

3. Tie hair back. This is adviseable as it can get quite hot when the band gets playing and everyone is dancing around.

4. Make-up: go wild. I don’t think there are any rules for make-up at a gig. Little, none, Amy Winehouse-esque eyeliner and false eyelashes. Quite literally, anything goes.

5. Jewellery: pile it on! Layer necklaces, stack bangles, load fingers up with rings. Whatever takes your fancy.

6. Make sure that if you take a bag, it can go across your body so that it is secure and you don’t have to hold it all night.

7. Remember: your ticket. Very important. Ask my boyf if you don’t believe me!!

For me, Fearne Cotton always does great ‘gig chic’.

Fearne is always rocking a band tee with shorts or jeans, or a lovely vintage dress at a festival with leggings and boots. Perfect every time.

I promise to post a pic of what I wear later. Love, SG

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