Shopping ban update: Week 12

Three months of no shopping are complete. The half way point of this ban. So, I feel now might be the right time top impart what I feel I have learnt so far.

1. That going into the city centre when you can’t buy anything is not all that much fun. Last weekend we spent a few hours wandering around and I started to feel very annoyed and cross with the crowds and like I just wanted to go home. So unlike me. 

2. That I do have lots of lovely clothes in my wardrobe. But I am beginning to see where there are gaps that it might be nice to fill at some point!

3. That there are other things to spend my money on; dinners out, my photography course, etc. 

4. That I can be more adventurous and creative with how I put together my outfits. 

5. And finally, that there is a simple joy in buying “essentials” like underwear and hosiery.
Only another three months to go. Bring it on!

More soon. Love, SG

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One Response to Shopping ban update: Week 12

  1. I don't know how your doing it – I just couldnt…..I am very very impressed :)Laura xxx

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