LUST LIST: Mulberry Bayswater

Whilst shopping in the new John Lewis in Cardiff I came face-to-face with my future handbag; the Mulberry Bayswater. I am in love with this bag. Officially.

Mulberry, like Burberry, is a quintessentially English brand whose products exude luxury and elegance in equal measure.

Founded in 1971 in the Somerset countryside, where it continues to have its headquarters today, it could not be much more English if it tried!

Of course, it has expanded, not only its manufacturing across the globe but has also expanded its products into clothing and other accessories. But it still retains 30% of its production in the UK.

The Bayswater, for me, combines effortless style with a very British sense of practicality. It is, without a doubt, beautiful. But it’s pockets and size make it the bag of choice for the modern working girl.

For now, however, I will just have to lust after it…

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2 Responses to LUST LIST: Mulberry Bayswater

  1. Tomorrow says:

    Cute!love the blog!Tomorrow

  2. laura emily says:

    Love it! I have the Bayswater in a patent raspberry color- its delicious! x

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