10 things I like about… Autumn

Lazy Sundays, rain, a new school term and the longing for an open fire can only mean one thing… Autumn is here.

Spring might be the season of all things new and expectation but it is often bittersweet as it gives way to the disappointment of another British summer.

Autumn, however, promises little but delivers much.

Walking down my road yesterday I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful colours of the fallen leaves on the ground and those that were still hanging in there, so to speak. The tree-lined avenue looked lovely in the late sun.

It got me thinking about the things I like about this season that doesn’t pretend to be anything but what it is; cold, windy, rainy and miserable:

1. I love that snuggly feelingI get when I’m all wrapped up in my winter woolies – v excited about getting out my winter coats, hats and scarves!

2. Autumn leaves. The colours. Beautiful.

3. Opaque tights. (I think I have made my love of these very obvious by now!)

4. The knowledge that Christmas (my very very favourite time of year) is getting closer.

5. Bonfire night and fireworks in the cold.

6. New season’s clothes.

7. Boots. Ankle, knee high, over-the-knee. All gorgeous.

8. Lazy Sunday afternoons spent on the sofa, watching old movies and the wind and rain outside… knowing there is nowhere else I need to be!

9. Gingerbread Lattes back in Starbucks (soon).

10. New term feeling. That feeling of going back to school. New stationery. The smell of new pencils.

More soon. Love, SG

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