LUST LIST: the classic Burberry trench

Burberry returned to London Fashion Week, from Milan, for the first time in eight years on Tuesday.

Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s creative director, re-worked the classic trench for Spring/Summer 2010 for a funky twist, in pink and cut above the knee (see the images above).

The Burberry trench is surely one of the most iconic of British designs. The brand was founded in 1856, came to prominence during the First World War, when it produced its trench coats for the British army. Unsurprisingly, they quickly became popular amongst civilians too. This popularity continued throughout the twentieth century and into the twenty-first.

Christopher Bailey told Grazia, “The Burberry trench is iconic, unique, functional, ageless and timeless.”

The trench is quite possibly one of the most versatile designs too. Anyone can put the trench on and make it their own; from HM The Queen to a member of Queen!

And it seems that Burberry have recognised its importance; next month the brand is launching a website dedicated to celebrating the trench. Check it out at

Of course, I can’t write about the Burberry trench without mentioning the current ‘face’ of their latest advertising campaign, young Brit actress, Emma Watson. This has to be my most favourite ad campaign of 2009. It is gorgeous. The photography and the model and the clothing all come together to produce some truly beautiful images. Vogue France’s August edition featured three of the best ads for the campaign.

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  1. Ahhh I know what you mean….I really really want a Burberry Mac….now!!! arghLaura xxx

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