How to… rip or fray jeans

Over coffee at lunch today one of my girl friends, Hannah (Steele!), asked about how to rip a pair of jeans; where to put the rips and what to use to make the rips. We then came across the above ad in the magazine aisle! So, I promised that I would do a little research and get back to her on that one! This is the result of that research:

1. I think the first point should be – get a very old pair of jeans (maybe from a charity shop) to practice on! Don’t do it straight on to a lovely new pair that you have spent £££ on!

2. Do your research! Look in magazines, shops, on line at pictures of ripped jeans and decide which ones you like best; those with massive rips at the knee or those with more subtle frayed bits. I personally think that the best place is just above the knee but this is only my preference.

3. Another piece of advice that I found during my research was to put the jeans on and mark where you want the rips or frays while they are on you.

4. Good tools for creating rips and frays are; sandpaper, pumice stones, cheese grater (particularly the small side), razor blade and scissors.

5. Use any of the first three to fray the fibres in the denim and the latter two to create rips, if that is what you are after. Remember to put something in the jean leg to stop the fabric from fraying on the back side too (like a piece of wood – if you have one lying around!).

6. Do remember; rips and frays will get bigger over time, with more wear and washing.

I hope this has been useful – Hannah!!

Good luck and send in photos of your finished jeans!

More soon. Love, SG

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One Response to How to… rip or fray jeans

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you hun, i will try this and show you the results!!!! : ) xxHannah (Steele)

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