Learning to walk in heels!!

My job is a little like working in a school, in more ways than one! But one way in which it is like school is that we have ‘holidays’ and term time. So today was the first day of term. As such, after a summer of jeans and casual attire, it is now back to the smart business wear.

In an effort to look more chic and together this term I have decided to try to ‘learn to walk in heels’! I usually spend my time living in my ballet pumps so this might be a challenge.

As I walk to work, I am going to allow myself to wear my trusty ballet pumps to and from work, at least to begin with. But at work I will spend the full eight hours in my heels.

The size of heel on my shoe rack ranges from a conservative two-inches to a rather outrageous four-inches! I will, therefore, start at the beginning with my smallest heel for the first week (from tomorrow) and work my way up to the highest.

Tomorrow will be the first day of my experiment. I will let you know how I get on, and obviously post a pic.

Love, SG

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