Dress of the Year

Following my trip to the Fashion Museum in Bath yesterday, below are a few photos from the ‘Dress of the Year’ collection at the museum.

Top left, Julien Macdonald, 1997; top right, John Galliano; bottom left, Missoni, 1974; bottom right, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, 2008 (the dress Kate Moss wore for her 34th birthday).

The black evening dress below was designed by Bianca Mosca and worn by the British ballerina Margot Fonteyn in 1949. It is exquisite, I think!

The photo below also caught my eye on my way around.

Below is a dress that you might recognise. It is from the Oasis Floral Frocks collection of 2008. The collection took inspiration from historic dresses and re-worked them. The dress below is my particular favourite and was re-worked from the 1962 dress behind it (left).

Hope you have enjoyed the photos. Will write more soon, love, SG


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One Response to Dress of the Year

  1. I went there a little while ago!! It was fabulous.I loved seeing the orginal designs that were reworked for Oasis- the dresses were just divine.I really enjoyed my visit, the collection was brilliant.Florrie x

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